Monday, May 25, 2009

Some pictures to satisfy the masses

The other day while I was taking a bath I kept hearing the most intriguing crinkling sound. I figured it must be one of the cats, so I called them. But of course, being cats, they did not come. After I got out I snooped around to see if the crinkler was still about their business, and this is what I found.
She had actually knocked the lid off and taken over the box all on her own. Noreen tried this the other day as well, but being twice the size of Molly, he wasn't quite so successful. Though I think he would disagree. He looked a bit like an overstuffed, overrisen loaf of bread. But he was happy.
Last weekend, Jared happened to be in Portland on the WWU choir tour. He took along his brand new daddy cam and shot me a bunch of (dog looking for a place to pee) lovely videos. However, I do think he's going to try to tame his use of the words 'awesome' and 'wow' now. While he was in Portland he stopped by Moonstruck Chocolatier's and bought me a wonderful little 6 piece truffle box. Of course my favorite truffle is the one below.

And now for the long awaited belly shots. I apologize for the long wait and the random timings of the photos. We had great intentions of taking many many photos all in the same clothes in the same place and in the same pose, because that's always so awesome and creepy. Alas, I take after my Mother in my photo-taking habits. Toting my camera everywhere with me and taking not a single picture. Don't worry, we are working on curbing this habit.

7 weeks

9 weeks

15 weeks

15 weeks


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  1. Hi Damie,

    Love the belly pics. :) I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations! We are expecting our 2nd on Aug. 21 (supposed to be a girl this time).