Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthday Bash

Since Jared and I both have birthdays early in October, we decided that we would combine our birthday celebrations as well as our last big date night out before Ryann joins our little family. We talked about what we wanted to do and finally settled on going out for dinner at Creektown Cafe, followed by the opening concert at the symphony, finished up by dessert out at Saffron. We also decided that we would take this spit up free, poopiless opportunity to get dressed to the nines. I wore my latest recital dress while Jared wore his tux jacket with jeans and a sweater, under approval of the JCrew consultant.

The dinner was delicious, the concert was surprisingly good (considering most of the music programmed), and dessert was a blast. Yay for good food, good times, and most of all, good friends!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pictures Commemorating Five weeks from D-Day

Below is a collection of photos from week 35 of Ryann's occupation. We are currently closing in on week 36 and are in disbelief at how soon she is coming. We really can't wait to meet this little corker. And my innards wants their space back.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Delinquent Belly Pictures

I just noticed that the last belly shot that I posted was from 24 weeks! Yikes! It's unrecognizable now. As an apology I will post the last THREE shots that we've taken. And as soon as we have week 35, I'll get that up here as well.

29.5 weeks

31 weeks

32.5 weeks

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with Packing Tape

Today is our 34 week checkup, though technically it's closer to 35 weeks. I ended up having to reschedule our appointment because when I originally scheduled it I completely spaced on a work meeting that was at that exact time. As a result, these next two appointments will be quite close together. The better to satisfy the Ryann craving! Always so much fun to hear her little heartbeat. Also nice to know that there's still something on earth that has a higher pulse than me. She outstrips my horrifying 95 by racing along at about 145. We had better have good models that can deal with a lot of milage, because they're getting a workout.

This week is an exciting mail week, as it brings not one, not two, but THREE deliveries. There's really nothing more fun than getting a package in the mail. The first one arrived yesterday and bore our long awaited diaper bag. Jared originally found it online a few months ago, but at the time it was an exorbitant amount and we just couldn't bring ourselves to actually fork over the cash. However, when returning to ogle again this past week, we saw that it was on sale. Not only on sale, on a $50 off sale! So, while it's still a bit pricey, we indulged and bought the bag. Noreen is now enjoying the packing box.

The second package should arrive today and will come filled with crib bedding. Sheets and a bumper and a crib skirt. And while we originally didn't plan on going all girly-girl on her, the crib will be flowing in pink. But it's a cute pink! Really! I swear! You'll just have to see.

The third package will be the salvation of my winter wardrobe. It will come bearing a full-length pair of pants (capris were never meant for winter), a skirt to be paired with my lovely boots and tights, and a gorgeous sweater dress that should cover Ryann quite comfortably. Also a new pair of comfy pants to live out my maternity leave in, as my current pair has now been cropped, is oddly stretched in the knees, and sports holes across my backside. They are way past due for a replacement.

In addition to the package excitement for the week, we have also been basking in birthday glory. Jared's birthday was just this past Friday while mine is this coming Sunday. Hip hip hooray! I dread the day I start dreading birthdays, they're so much fun! Let's hope Ryann waits an appropriate amount of time to celebrate hers. As long as she remembers she's supposed to be a NOVEMBER baby, then we'll be fine. And no Halloween birthdays. Creepy. Although that would make for some awesome birthday photo shoots in the future with Molly, the perfect Halloween cat. But I think I'll pass.