Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthday Bash

Since Jared and I both have birthdays early in October, we decided that we would combine our birthday celebrations as well as our last big date night out before Ryann joins our little family. We talked about what we wanted to do and finally settled on going out for dinner at Creektown Cafe, followed by the opening concert at the symphony, finished up by dessert out at Saffron. We also decided that we would take this spit up free, poopiless opportunity to get dressed to the nines. I wore my latest recital dress while Jared wore his tux jacket with jeans and a sweater, under approval of the JCrew consultant.

The dinner was delicious, the concert was surprisingly good (considering most of the music programmed), and dessert was a blast. Yay for good food, good times, and most of all, good friends!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds awesome! Glad you did the "last big baby-less date night." Jason and I did it the week before Kayla was due and had a lot of fun. We did Italian Bistro and then watched the latest Harry Potter movie at the cinema. Yay for date night! (Make sure you keep having them after Ryann arrives!)