Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mobility and the Awe it Inspires

Ryann is officially mobile. She's been working up the courage to take the leap for the last few weeks, practicing getting on all fours and then sliding to the ground. On Saturday she decided it was go-time. There is now no keeping her from the stack of CDs in the corner of the living room or the cat toys under the couch. Or the wads of lint and cat hair she manages to find on the rug, her new favorite delicacy. Yesterday she managed to stuff a freshly harvested clump into her mouth before we could stop her and proceeded to get it caught in her throat. Have no fear, this is not the choking-on-object-cannot-get-air-turning-blue type of choking here. This is the something-foreign-tickling-throat type of choking. This was followed by several minutes of coughing off and on and finished off with a grand finale of sudden puking on the rug, toys, and Mommy. However she was able to play in the shower because of all this.

Saturday was a crazy day of trying out her new skills and getting rug burned knees. When bedtime came she must have decided that I wasn't quite impressed enough, as she calmly proceeded to stand up in her crib. I don't think I'm okay with this new learning curve.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Diaper Full of Hot-Burning-Baby

Last night I burned Ryann. She still whimpers when we change her diaper, which may not seem too bad, except that she usually laughs. She giggles from the tickle of the cold wipes and sometimes keeps going to full-on belly laughs with the requisite writhing. But right now she whimpers and we dab. Because I burned my baby's bum.

I was cooking dinner while Ryann was taking a nap. I decided to put some jalapeno into my rice to spice it up a bit. Delicious. Slid the enchiladas into the oven, washed my hands, and went to get the waking baby in the other room. As usual, we went straight to the changing table to take off the sopping nap-diaper. No biggie. But shortly after the usual diaper change, my very happy baby started to get . . . not so happy. She started to get antsy. Then agitated. Then downright crazy. Ryann does not get crazy. Unless she's being tickled by her daddy. And that's a whole different kind of crazy. She was taking part in the all-out-baby-screaming-people-staring-mommy-crying-cats-running-neighbors-calling kind of crazy. I un-diapered her. She looked a bit red. More wipes. An even more extreme level of crazy. That's when I put two and two together. AHA! Jalapenos and baby genitals do not mix. We jumped straight into a cool tub and washed with tons of soap. The cool tub was the best thing my frazzled mind could have thought of. Ryann calmed down. Then the doorbell rang. And rang. And I realized that dear daddy had forgotten his keys. We jumped out and I ran down the stairs in a towel, unlocked the door, and bolted back up the stairs yelling that I had burned Ryann. Oh me oh my. She was fairly happy the rest of the night, though she spent it laying down, as she couldn't yet sit on her sore rump.

In the future I think I'll boil my hands after handling peppers, for the sake of both of us.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hanging Out on the Couch

It's funny how much fun can be had by having an impromptu photo shoot. And what a beautiful ready made subject I have!






Ryann has begun to teeth, and as a result, our perfect sleeper has vanished and has been replaced by an irritable napper. Her current mode of soothing is chomping on a cold celery stick. However, as soon as spring break hits, Jared and I are heading out to Tri-Cities to stock up on teething and feeding supplies. Here we come food processor! We're pretty excited about introducing Ryann to the exciting new world of solid food. Soon now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rolling on Down South


Tomorrow I get to buy the plane ticket that will fly me and the littlest Hiscock down to New Mexico. I'm pretty sure that it's been over a year since I've gotten to visit my family at their place in the tarantula flatlands, but the time has finally rolled around again! It's going to be a pretty short visit, since I don't want Jared to shrivel up and disappear from lack of baby kisses and smiles. We're just going for a short fast here, not an all out starvation kick. My family is over the moon about the trip. They haven't seen Ryann in person since she was about 3 weeks old, so they're looking forward to playing with her.

Ryann's newest development is working on rolling over and stuffing everything in her mouth. She has actually rolled over twice, but both times were on a slight downhill, so we're not counting those as actual firsts. As for the stuffing of the mouth, she has progressed from simply stuffing her fist which is holding the item to actually being able to stuff the item in her mouth. Luckily she can't quite grab things yet, she still relies on us putting things into her little fist for her. The dustbunnies are safe for a bit longer.

This last week I've been OD-ing on lovely, beautiful 'nutrients' (that was to be said with a ridiculous rolling of the 'r', a la Nacho Libre) thanks to my new favorite, roasted beets, yams, and onions. Ah! The delectability! Ah! The scrumtiocity! Ah! It's grrrrrrrrrrrreat! And quite good for us too.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time, or a Lack Thereof

Time is a valuable commodity in our little house these days. There's so much to squeeze into each day. While before we didn't have to choose between things we wanted to do, as long as we were okay with being busy because of it, we no longer have that luxury. There's simply too much to fit into the day. We still love to have friends over to eat and play games, and we still love to tool around downtown. Sleeping in is still a favorite past-time, and reading is a pleasure we still try to fulfill. However, with all of Jared's classes, my gym time, working at three separate jobs, and taking care of Ryann, we can longer just shove everything into the day. Something has to go. But somehow missing out on shopping now and then and watching fewer TV shows and baking not quite so often doesn't seem so bad when looking at this. After all, our time is just to precious to try to squeeze it all in.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apologies and Giggles

Apologies to all for the lack of updates on here. I've been terribly remiss about posting. Partially because of my nifty new phone that lets me upload pictures straight onto Facebook. Oh, the wonder! However, that has definitely lessened the need to get on the computer and keep things up.

Ryann is growing like a weed and it's hard to imagine life before she arrived. Though she was born a petite little girl, she's now just below 11lbs! I suppose that's not actually that huge for an almost-three-month-old, but it seems huge to us. She's finally outgrowing her newborn clothes and fitting into the 0-3 month size. Yay for cute new clothes!

Though Ryann conquered the social smile, as opposed to the gassy smile, at about 3 weeks, we have recently been inundated with a mindboggling amount of giggles and grins. Ryann has always been a content baby, but she's now also incredibly jolly. Her newest development has been the hilarity of blowing raspberries.