Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time, or a Lack Thereof

Time is a valuable commodity in our little house these days. There's so much to squeeze into each day. While before we didn't have to choose between things we wanted to do, as long as we were okay with being busy because of it, we no longer have that luxury. There's simply too much to fit into the day. We still love to have friends over to eat and play games, and we still love to tool around downtown. Sleeping in is still a favorite past-time, and reading is a pleasure we still try to fulfill. However, with all of Jared's classes, my gym time, working at three separate jobs, and taking care of Ryann, we can longer just shove everything into the day. Something has to go. But somehow missing out on shopping now and then and watching fewer TV shows and baking not quite so often doesn't seem so bad when looking at this. After all, our time is just to precious to try to squeeze it all in.

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  1. Oh Damie. I know. I know I know I know. *Sigh* We must choose what goes and what stays, and in essence, it's what we should've been doing all along - focusing on what's REALLY important. And these days, what's important weighs around 12 pounds and squirms and poops a lot. :)