Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tardy Update

Why hello, all of you patient peoples. I have discovered that I am as faithful at writing a blog as I was at keeping a diary, back in the day. Sad for all of you, not a surprise for me. So, even though I have no pictures on hand to post, I thought that I could at least give you an update on how we're all doing. Let us commence.

I am now undeniably huge and pregnant. I find myself walking around sometimes and noticing that people are giving me cute little smiles and I start to wonder, 'What is up with them? Kinda creepy.' And then I remember that I'm pregnant. It's the pregnant cutesy smile. Very cute. When I remember what it is.

My Mom was just in town for about two weeks, which was really fun. Usually I only get to see Mom and Dad about once a year, but this year I get to see Mom three times! And Dad twice! Though the first time I saw Dad this year was only for a few hours. Lame. But much better than the average. While Mom was in town, she so kindly agreed to help Jared and me finish up painting our apartment. A project that we began a year ago and simply ran out of steam on. I'm afraid I was actually very little help on the actual painting, though I did get to several other odd jobs that had been waiting in the wings, much to the detriment of my baby bearing back. Mom was shocked and horrified by one of our kitchen corners, rightly so. You know when you see something every day, you don't really realize how bad it's getting? That was this corner. So, to all of you who have visited us and come over for meals and games, I apologize for that corner. If you can bear to come again, you will happily find that the apartment is now entirely bright and clean and cheery. No scary corners.

We're just about to begin the third trimester and I'm afraid that the fatigue is already setting in. This last week I seem to have been ridiculously tired and slow for no apparent reason, apart from this little stowaway, that is. It's hard to believe that in just a few months we'll actually have another little person in the apartment. Crazy. Two of our friends have just had babies within the last week or two and visiting them and holding the babies made the whole idea much more real. Also very exciting. I think it really kick-started Jared's impatience. Though we do want Ryann to stay in there until she's ready to come out, he can't wait until she is ready to come out and meet us. I think I'm going to have a hard time getting her out of his arms for a while.

Now, I will make no promises and vow no vows, but I will try to post some pictures soon. Really and truly.

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