Thursday, July 28, 2011


Although I can't say that it was ever a serious regret, one thing that we did put on the backburner when we had Ryann was travel. We love travelling, but once we had a wee babe, our travels naturally turned to visiting family rather than visiting places. Now that we again find ourselves a young, unattached couple, we've decided to squeeze in as many crazy trips as possible before another little one joins our ranks.

Although, we're still considering a short European backpacking excursion with baby-pack. Epic.

We're currently visiting our long-lost Walla Walla Valley friends who now live near Princeton University. Today we gawked at the gorgeous campus, got ice cream at Bent Spoon (one of the top ten ice cream shops in the US), and rubbernecked at Edison's old house. Tomorrow we're catching a train into New York City where we're going to attempt to see Grand Central, the Met, Chicago on Broadway, and eat tons of delicious goodies.

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