Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Visitors

We have been thoroughly enjoying storming the town with our friends, the St. Clairs. Becky and Jason are a blast and their little girl Kayla is insanely fun. We've been watching 'choo trains' on Youtube, playing in Ivanna Cone's mini kitchen, and visiting the bison out at Pioneers Park (unfortunately Kayla was more than a little dissapointed that they were not elephants).

Not only has playing with Kayla been so much fun, but it's been amazingly bittersweet to imagine what this visit would have been like if we weren't down one tiny person. Picturing two little rugrats tearing up the house and demanding to stay up later and have just one more cookie. We've teared up being able to see so clearly what Ryann might have been up to by now, how much she might have been talking, how opinionated she may have become.

Kayla's expecting a sibling in May, along with several of Ryann's little friends. The next batch of children are on their way. It's nearly time to jump on the bandwagon.

Waiting for her 'maconi uh cheese'.

Playing at the Pioneers Park Nature Center.


  1. Heehee! She says it a little bit different every day; usually it's "backaroni-cheese." And we are having a blast, too. I've teared up, too, wishing Kayla was able to visit with HER friend, too, wishing Ryann could have enjoyed having another little girl around the house for a week, their first ever sleepover. What crazy fun they would have had!

    So glad we're able to visit with you guys. Thanks for letting us crash at your place and take over your evenings several days in a row. :)