Monday, December 5, 2011

The Face

A week before Ryann died she started making the most amazing face. It all began when she was pouting about not getting her wished for lunch, chips or some such un-lunch appropriate food. She squeezed her chin down to her chest, frowned her eyebrows down tight over her eyes, and glared up at me. But then she realized how silly she was being and grinned. With the rest of her face still in place. It was truly a creepy little face. Axe murderer style. I laughed so hard that she immediately added it to her repertoire of gags-to-pull-for-laughs and even did it on command.

'Jared, watch this.'

'Ryann, make The Face!'


Sadly the only video/picture I have of this amazing 'The Face' is in a video of her lounging in her baby carseat. Since this means she was reclining, the whole scowling upwards effect was a bit lost. But the eyebrows are still there.

Jared and I have been working our way through all of the back episodes of Parks and Recreation.

So. Much. Fun.

The other night in the middle of an episode we both jumped up gasping and then collapsed into maniacal laughter.

It was THE FACE!

s3ep2 GOLD
Just imagine THIS completely self-satisfied grin . . .

VIDEO: 'Parks and Recreation's' Ron Swanson and Meat Products, A Love Story
with THESE crazy eyebrows.

On Ron, this look commonly occurs in conjunction with some meaty experience. You can ignore that. Just bask in the amazingly creepy combo of scowl and grin.


  1. All I saw was the face of a little angel. I think you're making up stories Damie! ;)

  2. Lol. That's a funny face and Parks and Rec is hilarious! :) Glad Ron Swanson could make a similar funny face to give you guys a laugh! :)

  3. That is very cute! I remember Claudia making some sort of similar face and all of us laughing and so she also learned to do it at will whenever she wanted attention. Thanks for sharing this. I had forgotten my own daughter's similar escapades and you brought it back. Love you guys. --Annette Melgosa