Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Cookin' Update - 26

Twenty-Six Weeks                                           

Size of Baby - Cucumber, about 15 inches long and a bit over 2 pounds.

Cravings - Cheese, candy, pastries. Oh dear.

What is different this time around - Last time I was well into my energetic stage of mid-pregnancy, this time I'm barely starting to wade in. I had my first few bouts of legitimate nesting in which I cleaned our apartment from top to bottom, including rarely done projects such as the microwave and real Pine-Sol mopping of the floors. Each time after I was done I sat or laid down for a few minutes and then Jared had to pull my upright and half carry me down the hall since my gimpy hip had seized up. Luckily each time it does that it seems to stretch out pretty quickly once I'm on my feet.

Symptoms - Starting to feel quite large and slow now that the summer heat is creeping in. I always have to laugh at myself when I'm walking back to work after lunch, although my pace is a slow stroll it feels like I'm really pushing myself. Clifton's also starting to be much easier to feel from the outside of my belly. He's really active and I can feel him moving almost all day, although his most active time is definitely from 6-10pm. However, although both he and Ryann were very active in-utero, they feel very different. While Ryann was a serious jabber and would frequently poke elbows and knees out the side of my belly, Clifton is a wriggler. I describe it as feeling like a fish in a sack. Always moving but with infrequent distinct kicks.

Appointments - We have a check-up on Monday with our midwife. We also have another ultrasound scheduled for around thirty weeks. This is just a precautionary ultrasounds. Everything looked perfect in our twenty week scan and the doctor just thought we could all use another one at thirty weeks for our peace of mind. We're looking forward to getting a good 3D face shot. Last time Clifton was still looking pretty skeletal. This time he should have time to put a bit of meat on his bones.