Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Facts about Clifton - nine days shy of 16 months

Clif is a talker. I haven’t counted up the words he uses, but I have no doubt it’s well over 40 by this point. * We are currently going through a phase of constant demands for ‘cookie’, ‘puppy’, and ‘bah-uhl’ [cookies (or cookie monster, used interchangeably and just as often), pacis, and bottles. Luckily these demands are often accompanied by frenetic lispy ‘peas!’ (please). * Clif is constantly falling. Just like Ryann, this is due to his non-stop rocketing around at top speed rather than a lack of coordination. Of course, an onlooker would probably never know this. * Every morning starts with Clif being brought into bed, wild snuggles, and requests for Cookie (the monster variety). He knows we can play the Muppets and Sesame Street on our phones. He also knows where we stash our laptops, how to pull them out, and how to open them up. Nothing is safe in his never-ending quest for more Muppets Family Christmas. * Our favorite new game is Cuddle Cuddle. As soon as I say ‘cuddle cuddle’ I’m treated to his little head snuggled into my shoulder. Sometimes he’s the one to declare a ‘cud cud cud!’. * Jared has passed on his love to dance. Clif notices the moment any background music goes silent, declaring a loud ‘uh oh!’, and will greet its return with shimmying hips and waving arms. A delicious dinner is also greeted in the same manner. And guests. And Skype. And most of all the Rolling Stones (this was discovered on accident, when a random track sent Clif shimmying in his carseat and bawling when it was changed. same reaction every time since). * Clif loves his cousin Mei to bits. He often wakes up with his first question being ‘Mei-mei?’ as he peers around for her. * One mention of going outside sends Clif running for the doors asking ‘side? side?’. He would spend his life outdoors if given the chance. * At sixteen months, he is easily wearing size 2T. He also seems to be hitting another growth spurt, as evidenced by his suddenly shorter pants and his ravenous appetite. * On the topic of appetite, for his afternoon snack yesterday he had two and a half peanut butter sandwiches. For dinner he pounded half a Totinos pizza, half a clementine, several (adult) handfuls of grapes, some pineapple juice, and his bedtime bottle. * He is crazy for balls. We play in the ball aisle at Target every time we go. He points out the balls on Christmas trees. He will play ball with Jared for a ridiculously long time (their version of ball involves Clif waiting for a ball to bounce down the stairs, into his face, and then running it to Jared for him to throw again. we are blessed with very noise insensitive neighbors). * While Clif seemed to be clear on the baby being in Mommy’s belly for a while, it has now morphed into the baby being anyone’s skin. This week the baby has been identified as Dadd’s back, Clif’s belly, and Mommy’s shoulder. But when asked if he wanted to kiss the baby, Clif will usually drop what he’s doing and run full speed into my belly with arms open wide. I’ll take it.

Photo courtesy of Chris Johnson

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