Saturday, May 31, 2014

Walden Elder Hiscock

Behold! A very delayed and very brief announcement that Walden has arrived!

I will be popping in soon in order to tell an actual birth story (as well as finally tell Clifton's birth story). But until then, let these stats and all this adorableness bridge the gap.

Weight - 6lb 7oz. He dropped down to 5lb 14oz, but is now up to a hefty 6lb 13oz. As of yesterday we wanted to see him hit his birth weight again. He well surpassed that. (These 'current' stats are as of his two week appointment. He's now over 8lb!)

Length - 19.5in

Time - 9:22am

He has dark blue eyes, dark brown hair, and seems to resemble the Hiscock side of the family. So far we're all thinking he favors Grandpa Hiscock and Uncle Vincent. He definitely has a look distinct from the other two kiddos.

A few teeny weeny newbie pictures.

And a more recent picture with more alert eyeballs eyeballing the world.

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