Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Family Passing Through

Last night my sister and brother-in-law were passing through town. Now, I'm pretty sure that everyone reading this blog knows me and Kristin, but just in case, let me explain this. We are twins. Separated by two years. But bound by strange mind vibes and many years of sharing close quarters. We are two Charles Wallaces, kything. And we have not seen eachother in over a year. However, David's brother is getting married this weekend (Congratulations!) and they stayed with us last night on their way up to Lethbridge. They ended up getting into town about 7 last night and we all went over to the Dettwiler's (cousins) for a huge haystack supper. After that we trekked back to the apartment and showed the Dettwilers our little nest and then holed up for an evening of talking and baby poking and some sleep.

Though Kristin and David are already gone, I feel better having had a bit of a sister fix and knowing that I get her for a whole month when Ryann gets here. Yay! And Mom too. So much family goodness. And then Dad and David to add to the pile for Thanksgiving. Can't wait.

Today it finally hit me that while I've been functioning under the time table of Ryann arriving in 8 more weeks, it may very well be sooner than that. Lately I've had a gut feeling that she's coming early, and since babies are considered full- term-ish from 37 weeks on, this means that she could be here in as little as 5 weeks. Crazy! However, as much as we can't wait to meet her, we are perfectly willing to wait for her to come fully baked. No raw babies here.


  1. Fully baked, ha! :) You may well be right. The time table doctors use to calculate due dates is based on the assumption that all women ovulate on the 14th day of their cycle. This is acutually not true as a woman's body can put off ovulation during times of high stress, travel, sickness etc. for several days to a week or more. Which means that due dates can be off up to a week. But 14 seems to be an average that works for the medical profession.
    Three weeks early...not so sure about that one. Keep cooking mama!

  2. Sounds like a great mini-reunion. I'm sorry we were miles and miles away. We will be in town for Christmas and are looking forward to seeing you and meeting the new family member then.