Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sharing the Pain

I have wonderful friends. I've always known this, but it became even more apparent in the days and weeks after losing Ryann.

Jared and I felt lost. So completely alone and anchorless and stunned. It felt as though everything around us was vague and unimportant and we were trapped in an untouchable, inescapable nightmare. It was unreal and painful and so easy to feel strangely seperate and isolated. Some days it still is.

As I've said before, having others reaching out saved us. Hearing and feeling people greiving with us was a balm. Several of my friends also have blogs and have written about losing Ryann from their own perspectives. I read each of these over and over and over and am  somehow soothed every time. And now I want to share them with you.

Me, My Life, and I - One of my dear Mommy-Friends, whose daughter was Ryann's best friend.

Life-Love-Everything - Ryann's beloved sitter.
Facing the Unimaginable

Beth and Jake's Family - Another dear Mommy-Friend
A Heavy Heart

Travels with Jon and Kate - College friends who on occasion helped Jared care for Ryann in class.

Genius on Occasion
A Sweet, Sweet Child

Sweet Little Gals
A Beautiful Life

At Home with Millie and Sam
No More Goodbyes

KelliBlogs: The World Through My Eyes

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