Friday, March 16, 2012


Some days I just really miss chasing this little munchkin around. It blows my mind to say that this video was taken about a year ago. A year! We're closing in on it being an entire year since we've held our little girl. A year of empty arms and unused strollers. We still have some of Ryann's favorite yogurt sitting in the back of the fridge. I can't quite bring myself to toss it. I suppose one of these days they'll probably explode and coat the fridge in sour banana goo. But I don't care. I like to see them sitting back there.

Like normal.


  1. I don't blame you. :) And I have May 29 marked on my calendar from now to forever as "Remember Ryann" day. I'm looking forward to posting memories on your wall. :) Love that kid.