Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Week

I love unwinding at the end of the day in the
sunshine on our deck with a good book.
My Kindle was my Valentine's present this year.

My latest craving.

Noreen, relaxing with his Sunday morning paper.

And Molly, patrolling the living room.

I love Green Gateau fries. They're so crispety!

The most amazing supper ever and ever! Although I made way too much pasta for just myself.
Pasta with steamed spinach, mixed with creamed avocado, salt, pepper, topped with fresh tomatoes.


  1. I just ate lunch an hour ago and I'm hungry again thanks to your pasta photo. Way to go. Oh, and the fries look amazing, too.

    One thing I'm disappointed about my pregnancy this time: I haven't had cravings. Nothing out of the ordinary or intense at all. :( Sad.

  2. Both the fries and the pasta made me hungry as well :) Looks yummy!

  3. That food looks great! I hope I'll get to see you this weekend.