Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Year Ago Today

It's been exactly one year since we lost our little girl. One year since our world changed completely. One year to learn how to cope, how to breathe, how to keep moving. It's unbelievable that it's already been a year. In one heartbeat it seems like she was just running around the house demanding that Daddy pick up her books and read to her. In the next it seems like it's been an eternity.

Today we will spend the day remembering Ryann. We will walk through the zoo, explore the Capitol, walk next to Holmes Lake. We will visit her grave and tell her how much we miss her and how we wish she were here to meet her little brother. In the evening we'll return home and will miss the constant motion  that she injected into it. We will miss wrestling her into her pajamas and reading her favorite books. Our memories have become our most cherished possession.

Day to day we are doing well. We are so happy and excited to have Clifton. I am beyond blessed to have Jared. We make plans and enjoy our days and have fun. But today, we remember what we have lost.

(Please forgive the photo dump)




  1. Damie and Jared, today my heart goes out for you. Me and my boys will remember little Ryann by lighting a candle for her and by going through all the pictures I have of her. I think I will also take them to the park. You will be forever loved and remembered, Ryann...

  2. So sorry about the heartache you must be feeling today. Glad that you had Ryann for as long as you did. Wish I had known her. With parents as awesome as you two I am sure she was quite a kid! I hope that the memories don't fade and that the Lord comes soon so you will be reunited quickly.

  3. Scrolling through the photos ripped my heart out and I couldn't stop the tears. I miss this girlie, too, and not a day goes by that I don't think about her still. May it always be that way.

  4. Love you Damie, Jared. See you both real soon. PS - You should have posted more pictures! ♥♥♥