Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby Cookin' Update - 7

Seven Weeks                                           

Size of Baby - A blueberry
Cravings - Potatoes, cheese, pineapple. I love me some cheese.
What is different this time around - As early as I popped out last time, this time has it beat. by Thursday of this week I had already popped. It's a bitty baby bump at the moment, but a definite one.
Symptoms - As I said before, the nausea has hit. I'm crossing my fingers that I got lucky and only had one week of it to speak of. Last weekend I was laid out in bed with it, but it's gotten a bit better each day. I can still feel it periodically throughout the day, but for the most part it doesn't interfere with my life.

Weight - Unfortunately I have started this pregnancy a fair bit heavier than I did with Ryann. No exact numbers as to what I'm weighing in at, but it's a good 15 pounds up from last time around. Here's hoping I luck out with healthy cravings again and am able to top out around the same place.

Appointments - We had our very first appointment with our midwife yesterday. It began with some sad bungling on the nurse's part while filling out my history on the question of whether we have any other children. 'Wait, so you do?' 'So you don't?' 'You had a live birth?' She finally realized what was going on and quickly finished up and excused herself. We've found that even when we give a short explanation people are often confused. I guess they just have a hard time computing that a young smiling couple could have already buried a daughter.

In happier news, our next appointment is scheduled for February 17. The little one should be 10 weeks by then and we should be able to hear the heartbeat. So excited!


  1. Cute bump!!! And I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better. I craved potatoes like crazy. Cheese too, but at the time I was trying to be vegan ... Yeah, I'm not vegan anymore. I need my cheese!!

  2. so sorry about the nurse. while we haven't buried a child we have had our share of dealing with "the elephant in the room."
    anyway, congratulations on your sweet growing little one. and hooray for hearing the heart beat soon!!!

  3. I was so excited at the end of my first trimester to be wearing some maternity clothes and feeling like I looked a little pregnant. And I'm even more excited now at the end of my second trimester when I'm wearing ONLY maternity clothes and looking definitely pregnant. And here you are, at seven weeks...half as big as me. Show-off. :P