Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Banking Accident

I have been known to be a bit accident prone. I like to think that I've been growing out of it. I also like to think that rather than this being due to my negligence, it is instead due to my daring! Don't laugh.

The other day I was in the drive-through at the bank attempting to deposit a check. You know how the ATM starts beeping as a warning that it's about to suck your card down as a punishment for taking far too long? Well it does. So it started beeping. So I attempted to rush through the process of putting my check in the envelope (because unlike BofA, USBank still requires envelopes) and somehow managed to gash my cuticle wide open and no amount of pressure, sucking, or mopping would make the thing stop pouring. I know this sounds like a wussy injury, but let me tell you, the constant re-opening and re-bleeding of this #!$% cuticle is driving me insane! I ended up dripping my way to the Target help desk in order to beg a bandaid off of them while they considered labeling me a biohazard.

Here's to an accident free new year!



  1. Happens to me too, bleed everywhere. I have found that Sally Hansen's apricot cuticle cream (little round container) does wonders for the pain and for moisturization. :)