Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Cookin' Update - 32.5

Thirty-Two(ish) Weeks                                           

Size of Baby - Honeydew Melon, about 19 inches and 4.5 pounds. This is insane. Ryann was 19 inches long when she was born. And at this point Clifton is packing on about half a pound a week!

Cravings - Fruit. My fruit obsession has had a recent uptick. Yesterday with breakfast I had two peaches and then with lunch I had an apple, peach, and an orange. I think I'm averaging around 6 fruits a day. Yikes! This is getting a bit pricey, especially since my favorites are peaches and nectarines.
What is different this time around - At this point with Ryann I was definitely getting anxious to meet her, but I was still fully enjoying being pregnant and didn't really want it to end. This time I'm on pins and needles. I still enjoy being pregnant, but I can. not. wait. to meet this little boy. I keep recalculating when he might come and am currently thinking that we may actually be welcoming a late-August arrival. Crossing my fingers!
Symptoms - By the end of the day I am absolutely dead. And I have fat feet. Nothing worrisome, just a bit pudgy. Definitely not my norm. I also have to keep snacks easily on hand, since my blood sugar and blood pressure crash so fast if I go too long between eating. The other day in the grocery store I started out just fine, but about halfway through Jared had to start push/dragging me through a step at a time. I just had no energy at all. I generally have quite low blood pressure and I was curious what it was at that point, since I was so zapped. We plodded over to the sit-down strangle-cuff machine in the pharmacy and were a bit goggle eyed when it notified us that my pressure was 97/68. I guess that explained how I was feeling! Or I'm just a crazy hardcore athlete.

Appointments - We have a checkup with our midwife this Friday, at which point Clifton will be 33 weeks baked. This past Friday I had my very first chiropractic appointment and I cannot rave about it enough! I felt about an inch taller walking out of there and literally almost walked straight into a wall when I stood up since my legs were actually the same length again! My back is not bothering me nearly as much as it had been and my hips feel so much straighter. Most glorious of all, my pregnancy waddle has almost completely dissappeared! I only wonder why I hadn't thought to go earlier.

Please forgive the sad picture. I will make an effore to make Jared take some for 33 weeks and onwards.
The mirror in the bathroom at work is just not cutting it.

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