Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Contrary to what the previous post may conjure, we actually are usually shockingly happy. It's actually a bit funny. I really love(d) Ryann and she made me so incredibly happy and proud and giddy. But Clif makes me cry, I'm so happy. Not all the time. And I'm not generally a crier. But sometimes I find myself cuddling him or making faces with him or putting him down for the night, and the Happy just bubbles up so hard that it bubbles straight out of my face and this non-crier cries-grin-laughs all over poor little Clif.

I love my husband. I love my babies. I love my job. I love the city we live in. I love living so close to my sister and her family.

I had a really shitty thing happen to me. (Please excuse the language. But I think this warrants some strength of expression.)

But I love my life.


  1. This made me cry as much as the last one, but for different reasons. You and Jared are constant inspirations to me - I don't know how you could live through something as horrific as you have and still come out smiling and bubbling over with happiness. But however you make it work...it's inspirational. And a fantastical reminder that life doesn't dictate happiness. Thank you.

  2. Love, love, love this post. Happiness with the knowledge of deep sadness is a different kind of happy...but it is a rich, warm, deep happy. Love reading your blog, you share in such an approachable way. Thanks.

  3. You have definitely been in the fiery furnace. But like the Babylonian worthies, have come out smiling. God has to be the reason for your mirth. We serve a great God, who not only saves us from the fire, but walks right by us through it all! Thanks for sharing your story and giving others a reason to rejoice and be grateful for the mercies every one of us have.