Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas - Part 2

I suppose I shouldn't leave you hanging.

After Christmas mass, we headed back home, popped some artichoke dip in the oven for munching, started prepping food for dinner, and opened presents. Jared and my presents to each other will  have to wait for another post. I do believe we both knocked this one out of the park. Whee!

Lots of other treats were given, including gobs of chocolate, sad dry clementines (a tradition for the stockings (clementines, not the dryness)), books, scarfs, and gift cards. But as awesome as the gifts were, the main attraction was simply having an entire week of much anticipated family time.

Grampa Sherrick Sumner and Clifton Sumner checking each other out.
I do believe they're smitten.

Grampa Hiscock proved quite adept at teasing out Clif's giggles.

Waiting for food.

Some of the boys.

Mei loves playing with my phone's camera, although you would never know if from her look here!
And her lovely mother, playing with one of the Christmas popper's contents.

All in all, an entirely successful holiday filled with good food, safe travels, and family.

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