Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Hair Saga

Unlike my well-groomed husband who pays regular visits to upscale salons, I institute a strict regimen of neglect upon my mane. Over the last year or two I've actually found that washing less, brushing rarely, and blow-drying nearly never makes my hair a much more respectable mass.

I have always struggled with having board straight hair. Although nice at times, it always slipped out of ponytails (even when using real rubberbands) refused to hold any curl whatsoever (even rag curls would be pulled out within a few minutes) and left me bored. A few years ago my hair turned a bit wavy. But not wavy enough to actually wear as wavy, just wavy enough to have to straighten. And it still wouldn't hold a curl.

Then I stopped blowdrying, stopped brushing, and went to washing only every three or four days. And I got this.

Cue the glorious trumpets.

But as it continued to grow and take over my entire being, my body decided to ravage my head with postpartum hair loss, I now get this on a daily basis.


So tonight I'm finally heading out to get my first haircut in who knows how long and I'm so excited I could dance a jig. I am beyond ready to part ways with the bulk of this mop. I'm ready for something that dries before midnight, especially in these single digit days this week is throwing at us. 

Glory Hallelujah, get off my head.


  1. I hope to see pictures of said haircut! I know that giddy feeling. And the horror of globs of post-partum hair clogging the drain. Ick. My hair has been in a ponytail every single day since K was born, and when I went to straighten it to wear it down the other day, it was so glossy and luxurious! Haha. Styling kills. Just say no.

  2. GAH! I forgot to ask you about your cut this morning! I'm going to have to text you for a picture because I canNOT wait until Monday. Unacceptable. Hope you enjoyed your head massage, shampoo, and hacking it all off. :)