Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sleep Update (with some eating thrown in)

Clifton has left no doubt that he's an early bird, just like his sis. We try our hardest to keep him in bed until at least 5:30am, but he often tries to start his mornings by 5am. My general rule of thumb is that he absolutely has to make it until 5:30pm and 5:30am for his bedtime and waking (although I judge his normal times to be 6:30am and pm). Once he makes it to that mark, it's up to him. I have spent a few early mornings with him grunting around beside me until the clock hits 5:30. However these days, Jared is usually able to get him to stay down until around 6. Blessed sleep!

All of this makes it sound as though Clif isn't a great sleeper, which couldn't be further from the truth. Most nights he goes down at 6:30pm like clockwork and he had been down to a single feeding a night! That was pure bliss. However, Christmas break threw him for a loop and he's currently demanding anywhere from 3-5 meals a night. So far, I'm happy to oblige, since it means more precious time to cuddle my little man, and he is quite happy to eat and get tucked back into bed all within 15 minutes or so. But if this continues, I'm afraid it signals that he has decided to reverse cycle, since he has a definite preference of eating straight from the source rather than a bottle. Oh well, I'm just happy that we're still going strong with breastfeeding. By this point with Ryann, we were nearly completely switched to formula. I am by no means anti-formula, but I am fiercely pro-breastfeeding. My goal has been to make it to 6 months, but ideally I would love to keep on well past a year.

A happy morning-Clif.


  1. I reeeeaaaallly need to stop looking at pictures of your newest kiddo. It kills me that I won't get to hold him as a baby. :(

  2. Ex-mom and grandma in me tells me he's having some growth spurts. Eating more at times than others. Just go with the flow, momma, the milk flow, that is. ;-)