Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Cookin' Update - 35

Thirty-Five Weeks                                           

Size of Baby - Large cantaloupe. Approximately 20 inches and 6 pounds.

Cravings - I cannot make it through the morning unless I eat a bucket of fruit and a hefty portion of some protein in the morning, usually an egg-cheese burrito. We recently splurged on a small container of vanilla ice cream, which I would normally adore. Jared's been having a bowl after supper with fresh peaches cut in, yum! But I don't think I've had any of it yet. In the evenings all I want to eat is straight fruit. And I do. Jared's also been jamming on fancy omelets loaded with fresh herbs from our withering garden patch. Those have hit the spot like never before. I almost had one last night at 9pm.

What is different this time around - I think Ryann's room was pretty set by this point in her germination. Clifton's room is definitely on it's way, but still has a ways to go. This last week we finally went out and bought his car seat and have the base ready to go in the car. We also got our amazing stroller in the mail and have it all put together ready to go in car seat mode. I'll have to post specifically about that beauty some other time. It's too amazing for a couple sentences. We have our baby monitor charging and are waiting to get the call that our mats are ready to pick up so that we can hang everything on his walls. The biggest thing yet to do in his room is to settle on a bookshelf for all the books and toys to reside in.

We specifically decided to purchase a new car seat and stroller for Clifton, rather than reusing Ryann's, even though Ryann's is gender neutral, still in good condition, and served us well. I have a feeling that Clifton will look a lot like Ryann, especially when he's still in the newborn-blob stage. If he does, I know that seeing him in Ryann's carseat would give me those split-second jabs to the gut. Even though it's ridiculous, my immediate thought would be that it was Ryann. And it's not. And those jabs are not too pleasant. So, to minimize the jabfest that I'm sure is to come, we decided to keep the carseat and stroller in storage and get little Clifton his own ride. We have decided to reuse Ryann's pack-and-play, crib, and changing table.

Symptoms - Although I had some aches and pains last time, I'm feeling like I'm getting the full pregnant experience this time around. My hips especially have been giving me grief. Up until now it's just been my right hip that's been tweaking out due to a pinched nerve. However, now my left hip will randomly join in the fun. But lefty seems to be gimping it up from the relaxin, getting all loosy-goosy. It's annoying, but as long as that means Clifton will shoot out in record time, I'll deal.

Appointments - Our next midwife appointment is on Monday, as is our meet-and-greet with a pediatrician. When we were initially looking around for a pediatrician we had several recommendations, most for a specific pediatrician we had met before. At the hospital the night Ryann died. He was the one on call, the one who seemed distant, and apparently the one people loved. Every time someone mentioned him we immediately dismissed his name. We just assumed that it would be too hard to work with him again, that he wasn't who we wanted. However, as we began forming out must-have list for our wished for pediatrician, we started to see what a perfect fit he might actually be. He knows exactly what we have been through. He will understand our worries. He himself will probably be extra-vigilant in keeping an eye on Clifton. And I imagine (and will find out) that coming from a non-American background, he will be friendly and understanding toward our anti-circumcision stance. We're looking forward to making our final decision on Monday.

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  1. You are looking wonderful, as per usual. I love how happy you look. :)

    I also don't think I'd circumcise if I had a boy. I would have to go through all the most current research and make sure when the time came, but from what research I've done for fun, I completely understand why parents wouldn't want to circumcise. :) Hopefully the meet and greet goes well!