Tuesday, August 14, 2012

From Ryann's Library

Ryann loved books. As active as she was, she was also always happy to sit down to read. She never intentionally tore a single page of any of her books, and the one page that she did accidentally tear out of an old book made her feel so guilty she cried.

Although she loved all of her books, she had her specific favorites. Some of them unsurprising, some seemingly random. One of her random choices was Jack Kent's illustrated Twelve Days of Christmas. However, the book and song are so long that we would usually just pick it up on the last verse. The inside covers have the tune written out and Ryann would sometimes poke her finger along with us to the tune.

This was one of the songs I found myself singing to her as I held her for the last time in the hospital. One of the songs I said goodbye with. In all the times of singing through it with my crazy, tousle-headed girlie before bed, I never imagined I would be singing it to her still, unhearing ears. It was well loved by her, ridiculously silly, and completely nonsensical. A perfect fit for the occasion and the sweet recipient.

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