Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Clifton's First Sweet Ride

And finally the long awaited stroller post!

May I introduce the newly released Phil and Ted's Navigator in Golden Kiwi.
First of all, one of the things that I love about this stroller is that the entire stroller seat zips and snaps off to take it down to a bare bones frame stroller. This is good for two reasons. Cleaning and Looks.

Cleaning - as everyone with kids (and many without) know, kids are mess makers. They spit up, they throw Cheerios, they stomp in mud. And all of that gets crushed into the stroller. This allows you to pop off the entire seat and clean to your heart's content.

Looks - When using the stroller with a car seat or with the face-to-face seat (which we did not purchase this time around) or with the bassinet style accessory (which we will never purchase because I find it to be really insecure for an infant as well as trying way to hard to appear retro, for goodness sake, this is a jogger, not a pram, plus I am not British and I am not a time-traveler, and this is now officially a crapload of commas), it allows the stroller to look much more streamlined, rather than having the car seat locked in above a fully reclined seat.

The most basic setup that the stroller has is definitely the regular stroller seat. I expect to be using this from about 6 months until the next little one comes along.

With sunshade

Fully reclined. It can be set anywhere between this and fully upright.

And this takes us to the famous Phil and Ted's double setup. Two seats, single width, awesome handling. This can also be done with a car seat on the front and the double seat on the back. Another snazzy setup is the double seat above the fully reclined full seat. This would be really handy for a toddler and newborn, but Jared's currently weirded out by it and so we didn't document. His exact quote, 'You're smashing the newborn!'. For the record - I was not. I fully expect to use that setup in the future. If nothing else, to freak out Jared.

And a big thank you to our wonderful models - diapered Bear (by Mei) and Clifton's bunny (handmade by Haylee).

Also a huge thank you to everyone who contributed toward this amazing gift. It really took a load off to be able to put Clifton's baby shower monies straight towards this sucker. Thank you.

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  1. That is one awesome stroller!! Nice bunny, hee hee! ^_^