Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baby Cookin' Update - 36

Thirty-Six Weeks                                           

Size of Baby - A watermelon. About 6.5 pounds. Although, by this point babies really grow at their own pace. Ryann was born at almost 39 weeks and was a mere 6 pounds 11 ounces, so who knows where Clifton is right now.

Cravings - Still jiving on the fruit. I've also found that in the last week or so that I absolutely cannot last from breakfast until lunch and from lunch until supper, no matter how heart of a meal I eat. So we're apparently already entering the phase of being eaten out of house and home by our boy. I finally did a rough calculation the other day of how many peaches I eat and figured that it's a bit over $20 worth PER WEEK. Of peaches alone. Oh my.

What is different this time around - Last time Ryann's room was ready for her long before this point whereas we're still working on Clifton's. We haven't done a theme for either of them, but I've definitely been pickier about Clifton's room. There are a few things that I've seen and absolutely had to have. But it's paying off. Clifton's room is already my favorite room in the house and I have no doubts that it will be his as well. Every time my sis and her family come over, Mei makes a beeline for Clifton's room. So we must be doing something right.

Symptoms - So very sore and slow. Every morning it takes me several minutes to get out of bed and walk out my kinks. My whole pelvic area - hips, lower spine, pelvis - just feels ridiculously unstable now. But as I said earlier, as long as this points to a faster delivery, I'm okay with it. We're going to be trying for a natural labor again and I have high hopes that it will happen this time. With Ryann we stalled at 3 cm and after 17 hours we opted for an epidural. She was born after 20 hours, and even though I don't regret getting the epidural, I'm hoping to not need one this time.

Appointments - We had a great meet and greet with our pediatrician and have decided without a doubt to go with him. Apparently after Ryann died, the whole hospital was buzzing about her case. Surgeons and physicians and nurses were all going over and over what had happened. Our pediatrician sought out one of the pediatric surgeons to block out a plan of attack to ensure that our other children will not end up in the same boat. They decided together that they would like to run an upper GI scope on Clifton when he's around 4-6 months old. This should show up whether there are any abnormalities (which they do not expect) and should give everyone some peace of mind. Once again, no one believes that we have a higher risk of more children with Ryann's conditions, but we are definitely following the course of 'better safe than sorry'. Having come to the meet and greet prepared with plans of action and knowing our history, this pediatrician has already gone above and beyond in caring for our family. We don't want to have to live our lives constantly paranoid for our kids and this doctor has given us the confidence that he will cover this for us so that we can cover everything else.

Woo hoo! Still in my pre-pregnancy jeans and still regularly rocking my
pre-pregnancy slacks to work. Of course with some elaborate rubberband rigging going on.

Jared always gets an evil joy in taking these pictures
that make my belly appear freakishly huge. Thanks.


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  2. Wonderful! I'm so glad your doctor and hospital staff are so supportive and helpful. :) I'm so happy and excited for you.

  3. Lookin good girl! So glad you found an awesome pediatrician! Who is it?

    1. It's Dr. Niazi, down at Complete Children's Health on 40th and Pine Lake. He's the pediatrician who was on call when we were with Ryann in the hospital, so he kinda got to meet her too.

  4. Oh Damie girl! Keep me posted. I'm ready to fly at a moments notice. But it will take me either 2 9 hours days or one long 18 hour day. I'M READY!

    PS - Dad was signed into gmail on my computer so my post showed under his name. So I deleted that post and reposted. ;)