Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two-Wheeled Toy

As alluded to previously, Jared has a new toy. In Washington we were a two car family, due to juggling Ryann back and forth between the two of us and living about ten miles out from work. When we moved to Nebraska, we sold my beloved beater car so that we could make the drive sans car trailer. We figured being a one car family would work fine for us, since I would be working full-time and Jared would be a stay-at-home Dad to Ryann. Now that Jared needs to jet around town to work and school, having only one car was becoming a bit cramp-ish.

This was just the excuse we needed to fulfill Jared's decade-long dream of owning a Vespa.

Cherry-red, natch. We are Huskers now, are we not?


  1. I'm generally anit-motorcyclish type things, but this is pretty cool. Just keep wearing that helmet. It definitely adds to the look. :-)