Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Piano Love

Ryann unsurprisingly loved the piano.  This is far from unusual for babies and children. What was unusual was her proper posture, careful poking, sudden smashing, and thoughtful selection of sheet music. Although she couldn't yet read the notes, she knew that the sheets were somehow connected to what we played. She would carefully shuffle through our books and when she found something she deemed suitable she would shove it onto the music stand, study it carefully, and play. 

I gave my senior recital when I was three months pregnant, Jared practiced every day in the practice rooms with Ryann until she was seven months old, I brought Ryann to Assumption with me several times a week while I played for the service. Ryann learned that not only does the piano makes a satisfying racket, but that it's something to share and gather around. That it's one of the pieces of our family. And that we loved watching her embrace it.

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