Friday, September 2, 2011


Since Jared and I are hoping to add to our family in the relatively near-ish future, we have utilize this short period of quiet to travel. So far we have visited friends in Iowa, road-tripped it down to Kansas City (to pick up Jared's long awaited Vespa), and flown to Newark. We have trolled the shops on the banks of the Mississippi, chatted up bikers in KC, and sipped coffee on 5th Avenue.

Tomorrow we're flying out to Chicago to spend four days soaking up the Windy City. I'm looking forward to running the lake-front trails, eating in Chinatown, and once again seeing the Chagall windows in the Art Institute.

Ryann's best friend, Kayla, (and her parents) are coming for a week long visit in November and my Mom will be here at the beginning of the month. My Mom will be here over Ryann's second birthday and we're planning on beginning work on sorting her things and turning her room into a guest room. I have no idea how that will go, but it feels good to have a goal in mind and to know that there will be someone here to help us.

At the end of January we'll be flying into New Orleans to spend a few days before shipping out on a Carribean cruise with the rest of my family. My bitty neice, Mei, will be almost ten months by then. I'm looking forward to a relaxing family vacation.

Jared's hoping to enroll at the Goethe Institute in Chicago for an intense four-week session in German next summer. Hopefully this will be the end of our random excursions for a bit, as we're planning to add a small Hiscock in the fall.

We're both loving the travels and we're happy to be spending so much time with our friends. But I think that the trip we're most looking forward to, and yet dreading at the same time, is a distant return to Walla Walla to show the rest of our family the spots where their sister lived.


  1. Oh Damie, you continue to amaze me! I'm happy to see that you two are taking this time to enjoy your time with each other and TRAVEL (I'm a bit jealous about that, lol).

  2. That tour, whenever it happens, will be hard but will also bring back so many happy memories. Whenever you're ready, Walla Walla is waiting for you. Patiently. Lovingly.