Friday, October 14, 2011

Cross-Country Call

My Grammo called me the other night to wish me a happy birthday. We used to hang out at her place every weekend in Walla Walla. Sometimes we would leave Ryann with her for an hour or two to give Ryann a chance to play with her cousins who are actually my cousins (large cross-generational Mexican family going on with us).

My Grammo doesn't cry. Usually. She's of the crusty, codger-y variety of Grammos.

Last night, after she heard my voice go thick while I was reassuring her that we're doing well, she got off the phone quick. But I heard her voice go thick too. And I know that across the country there were another pair of eyes that looked the same.


  1. Yeah....there are eyes like that at my house frequently. Behind those eyes are thoughts of you, Jared, and Ryann.