Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stomach Bug

Earlier this year we headed down the Gorge to meet up with my Dad, who happened to be visiting his Mom in Portland. On the way down, Ryann suddenly came down with a random stomach bug and we had a tough time keeping the diapers flowing. Or from flowing. 

Coincidentally, on the way down, we had to find a store to grab some more diapers. The first place we tried only had junk food. The second place only had burgers. The third place was several miles down a creepy road and had a few baby things on the shelves amidst the alcohol. However, they did not have a public restroom in which to change Ryann. As a result, she was stripped and rebundled on the trunk of our car. Oh, the protest!

A few miles down the road we lucked out on a Starbucks where Ryann had a sad time involving three separate diapers.

That was a long trip.

Luckily it was a short lived bug and Ryann was happy as a clam the next day.

These pictures were taken at one of our pitstops back up the Gorge. Ryann always had a fascination with bark chips and gravel and would play with them any chance she got. We had a hard time getting her back into the car.

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