Monday, October 24, 2011

Taming the Couch

Ryann was an early walker, early runner, early climber. She was a daredevil who was always pushing herself physically and she couldn't care less if it resulted in a scrape or two (the same was not true for her parents).

It was a scary day, the day she finally learned how to climb onto the couch on her own. Of course, the normal couch cushions were not quite exciting enough. Ryann preferred to lounge on the arms or read on the back. She would frequently dangle her feet over the left side and peer into her room from her perch.

In this series of pictures, she prepares herself for a stickerbook session on the back of the couch. I'm certain that once settled in she demanded her evening smoothie. And possibly popcorn. A girl after my own heart.


  1. I LOVE the one where she's on her hands and knees on the back of the couch. Awesome.

  2. What a completely awesome little girl.

    (Also, I'll adore your couch for ever and ever.)